Sponsor ICI’s 60th Annual General Membership Meeting!

Exclusive sponsorship opportunities associated with the General Membership Meeting’s most popular events offer special benefits that will raise your organization’s profile while capturing the attention of the fund industry’s key executives and decisionmakers. Choices include sponsoring receptions in the Exhibit Hall, branding tote bags, supporting the conference’s special dinner event at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall, and so much more!

Sponsorship opportunities and affiliate event information are listed below. Please read the sponsorship prospectus to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities and their benefits.


Luncheon event $75,000
Special dinner event at National Museum of African American History and Culture $40,000
Breakfast event $30,000
Conference mobile app—SOLD $15,000
Conference tote bag—SOLD $10,000
Elevator wraps $10,000
Room keys $10,000
Room drop $10,000
Welcome reception (Exhibit Hall)—SOLD $10,000
Afternoon reception (Exhibit Hall)—SOLD $10,000
Specialty cocktail bar or food station (Exhibit Hall) $8,000

Affiliate Events | $3,500

Drive business by hosting an affiliate event for your clients! The conference schedule allows interested organizations to host events that do not conflict with the official conference agenda (affiliate events may not be scheduled during conference sessions, events, and receptions).

If you have questions, please contact ICI Sponsorship at 202-326-5968 or sponsorship@ici.org.


The Investment Company Institute thanks the following firms for sponsoring key events at the 59th Annual GMM:


The generous support of these firms helps ICI to continue offering high-quality conference programs.